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인터페이스 eMMC, eMCP, MMCA 5.0
타겟 수 8
크기(㎜) 300 - 252 - 70
무게(㎏) 2920g
AC input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A



* 1x Master + 8x Target Independent e-MMC/eMCP sockets.

* Supports e-MMC BOOT-1/2, General Purpose-1/2/3/4, and User Data Area Partitions as well as EXT_CSD register settings copy and verify operation.

* Supports MMCA 5.0 compatible e-MMC/eMCP devices.

* Supports e-MMC 4-bit mode working.

* Copy/Verification operation in Partition / Auto / File / Mirror / User / AutoScan mode.

* On-the-fly checksum generation during verify operation. 


* Provides EXT_CSD setting checksum info.

* Supports enabling SANITIZE register setting function for MMCA 4.5 e-MMC.

* Supports boot re-size function with e-MMC equipped with boot re-size function.

* 2x RS232 interface for industrial platform connection.

* Replaceable e-MMC / eMCP device socket module is available.

* Equipped with 1 SD card socket module for firmware update requirement and log recording function.

* Equipped with operation LOG recording function (on SD card socket) to save all operation process into LOG file for future study or analyze use.

* Equipped with RTC unit for providing operation LOG detail time info.

* Equipped with Keypad lock function to prevent settings being changed during operation.

● Made in Taiwan.


Designed by hikaru100

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